Inplant Modular Offices
Inplant Modular Offices
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Office One can provide inplant offices that enable important team members to be on the floor with manufacturing and the assembly operations. Currently, many companies are following the trend of adding modular inplant offices to move engineering and operations employees closer to manufacturing areas to reduce costs and communication between these important groups. Modular inplant offices provide an effective way to enlarge or move office space within the existing footprint of a property. We also offer External outdoor guard shack offices and toll booths.

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Inplant Modular Offices Information:

Office One’s available Modular Inplant Office wall systems feature non-progressive design, which means any panel can be removed without having to disturb the adjacent panels. This not only makes the initial installation a breeze, but it allows for damaged or dinged components to be replaced down the road or for an easy addition of doors, windows, or additional walls down the road.

Inplant modular offices are installed in a fraction of the time and without the dust and hassle when compared with conventional drywall construction methods. This saves you money by minimizing production downtimes while having the options to move or rearrange the building in the future.

Inplant offices offer the following benefits:

  • Inplant offices are relocatable and reusable
  • Modular inplant offices helps you maximize use of your existing floor space
  • Can greatly improve construction schedules when compared to conventional construction
  • Can serve as easy insulation layer with proper treatment
  • Excellent STC rating for sound absorption – ideal for factories/manufacturing
  • Accelerated depreciation schedule of 7 years as opposed to 39 years for conventional drywall construction
  • Fire rated panels available
  • An easy solution to promote cost effect and better communication between Operations Team Leaders, Engineers, and Floor Workers within factories
  • An easy mezzanine solution
  • A very scalable solution to meet your size needs

Some common workplace applications for Modular Inplant Offices:

  • Manufacturing and Factory facilities
  • Breakrooms and Inplant Restrooms
  • Supervisor and General Management Offices
  • Computer and IT Rooms
  • Quality Control, Inspection, and Testing Rooms
  • Break Rooms and Lunch Rooms
  • Electronic and Pharmeceutical industries requiring clean room facilities
  • Pump and Equipment Enclosures
  • Guard Houses and Security Buildings