High Density Mobile Storage and Filing Systems
High Density Mobile Storage and Filing
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Office One’s High Density Mobile Storage and Filing solutions can not only increase the amount of storage available within a defined space by 50%, but mobile high density storage systems can also be relocated, reused and are under warranty giving you added value to your purchase.

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High Density Storage/Filing:
Office One has a complete High Density Mobile Storage and Shelving solution for your workplace. We have a large selection of high density lateral file storage systems, large box/item mobile storage solutions, manually powered high density filing systems, mechanical assist mobile filing systems, and electric powered moving file and storage systems, to ensure you have a solution that is most efficient for you…

High Density Mobile Storage and Shelving  can provide the following benefits:

  • High density mobile storage and shelving systems can store up to 5x more files in the same space as conventional filing systems
  • Installations createlittle or no disruption to your workplace operations
  • High density storage can dramatically improve storage and office efficiency
  • Mobile systems are reusable/movable
  • Can free up valuable real estate for more employees
  • Quick return on investment
  • Saves time and money retrieving files/items
  • Eliminate the need for fixed aisles, which can reduce storage space used by 50% without a decrease in amount stored
  • Available in manual, mechanical-assist, or electric powered giving you an appropriate solution based upon the size and weight of items to be stored/filed

Common uses for High Density Mobile Storage:


  • Filing and X-Ray Storage
  • Sterile Storage
  • Archival Storage
  • Supply Storage
  • Linen Storage
  • Drawer Storage
  • Specialty Medicial Cabinet Storage
  • HIPAA Compliant Lockable Storage

Material Handling:

  • Parts Storage
  • Stock Replenishing
  • Tool Room Storage
  • Industrial Storage
  • Secured Storage Solutions

Office and Filing:

  • Open Shelf Filing
  • Supply and Archival Storage
  • Record Management
  • X-Ray Filing
  • Cabinet and Drawer Storage